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October seems like a good time to reflect on the last year and plan for the next.
In 2012 season I failed to achieve my main objective which was to qualify for Hawaii. But despite that, the last season was not bad. I won short distance race at Aiguillon/Mer and won Sireuil race for the 6th year. I also finished 3 ironmans even though I contracted hepatitis A before the last 2. I also did top 3 in Nouâtre (bike record), Larmor-Plage, Gorges de l’Ardeche and Cote de Beaute half ironman.
Furthermore, I helped my club, the Team Charentes Triathlon at the 2nd French championship by team.
On the other side, I think I need more serenity. I am grateful to be able to count on the help of my partnership, Go Plast and some others brands. Some news sponsorships will be announced before the end of this year. Besides that, I’m sharing my life with my favorite Australian. We live in Perth, a lovely and easy city to train and enjoy life (have a look at the official clip of Perth below).I swim at the Challenge Stadium with high level swimmers, ride with professional cyclists and run alone or with ITU short distance athletes from Western Australia.The other part of the year, I spend my time at Cognac for training camp.
I’m optimistic, enthusiastic and excited to start the new season of 2013.
For the Team, we created a group of “long distance athletes” selected from local athletes and some others like Stanislas Krylov. I can say that we have an unbeatable team next year.
And for my part, I’m still confident to perform in Hawaii as the last results of the French guys and Kienle give me the certainty I can be in the Top10. So, I have to train for it.
I will try to earn points at Busselton and Melbourne ironman and at Busselton half ironman.
I wish to share my experience in Australia with you, to give you inspiration, so stay tuned…

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