Who I am
Name:Billeau Simon
Profession:Professional triathlete.
Diploma(s):Master’s degree of “handicap, rehabilitation and sport performance engineering”.
Triathlon Federal Degree Grade 4,
Lifesaver’s certificate.
Coach(es):I’m coached by Mel Tantrum in Perth (High Performance Swim Coach at University Western Australia squad). For all the other parts, I’m lucky to have Nicolas Hémet.
Started triathlon at age:18
Sports practiced before triathlon:Swim. But honestly I was practicing lot of sports. It’s the team spirit who was guiding my sport orientations.
Manager(s):Philippe Seugnet.
Coming from:Parthenay (France)
Living in:Perth, WA.
Favorite training sessions::Hard to tell all but I really enjoy bike session when I’m behind my father’s motorbike at 70 km/h,
Big Training Day of my coach,
The umpteenth training of the day at 9.30pm,
The orienting races during the night with my friends
Long run with variations of speed,
300 km of bike…
Hated training sessions:I’m searching but sincerely I take always pleasure and particularly when it’s challenging. The feeling to realize something that only few people are able, gives me satisfaction and alleviates the pain in training.
Preferred distances:Oddly, I like short distances to push myself… I help my French Team in the 2nd division championship.
But I prefer without a doubt long distance and particularly IRONMAN.
Other sports practiced:I tried surf… But I prefer paddle board with my friend Michael Johnson. I like mountain trails, orienting races, mountain bike.
Max HR:198
Resting HR:37
Best tri memory:Hard to pick up one:
- The first ride ever to drop off a betting slip of Triathlete Magazine (184km) with the desperate way back…
- My first triathlon ever at Royan with my t-shirt and glasses,
- The Australian anthem song before the start of Busselton IRONMAN.
Relationship status:Engaged to Jana Stafford-Jones.
Size (cm):178
Weight (kg):69
Club:Team Charente Triathlon (Cognac, France).
I like:red wine, Cognac, electro music, delicious food (dumplings and goulashes of my grand-family in law, pancakes with banana and maple syrup of my sister), time with my family who gives me so much and particularly my dad, the rare moments with friends, barbecues, watching motivation videos, enjoying Perth’s sunset and dates with my beautiful woman, the Beerman race, the Australian spirit… -never give up-.
I don't like:I can spend the same time on this aspect but I try to just not be affected. I’m living my life simply.
My start:At the Royan’s triathlon in September 1999, I wasn’t registered with the federation. I bought for the occasion a second-hand Peugeot bike with toe clips. 2 friends of mine were racing too. No stress at the departure on the beach. After that too many athletes jumped the gun and a blind swim (thanks my nearsightedness!), a hard bike part in the hills of Meschers, a run part on the sand and to finish on the first podium ever with a future friend, Pierre Massonneau.
Personnal best:8hr 20min at the Busselton Ironman, 2008.
Worst triathlon memory:Even my bike accident was a drama event in my life and career, I think now it allowed me to open my eyes. It helped to strengthened myself.
Thanks to:Firstly, to my family for his support,
• To Thierry Sourbier for his help. He put this website together and he is involved in our sport.
• To my little and lovely woman for her understanding and support
• To Nicolas Hémet, Arnaud Morisset, and Mel Tantrum. Without them, I will be nobody. Some people think triathlon is an individual sport. It is but performance is the result of a team’s work. And their friendship is more precious than their advice.
• My sponsors. I wish particularly to thank a couple of friends, Sabine and Jean-Marc Gonnord (Go Plast). They have supported me from my the start in triathlon.
My passions:This is already a passion but life is not a triathlon.