Are you searching for a coach? Or want to be guided by a professional athlete? Do you want an individualized program with measurable and concrete improvements? It’s time to have value for your money.
Whether you just need coaching, or more for example to improve your knowledge and skills to improve your performance, I will offer you the best individualized deal.
My aim is to guide the athlete, to reach not only his personal satisfaction, the self-fulfillment in triathlon but more broadly in life. With our partnership, I will give you advice on your performance, give you the direction and understanding of what is required to reach your aims.
My academic achievements gave me a theoretical base (my degree in sport performance training and rehabilitation) and my high-level athlete career gave me the necessary insight into this sport. It’s with this double training that I built my capacities. I was also coached by great coaches (Paul Mahon, Jean-Baptiste Wiroth and Nicolas Hémet). They all put on an indisputable mark on me.
I want to use all my energy to offer to athletes the possibility to explore unknown area, to push their limits, to obtain their aim. I have the ambition to help in a personal self-improvement process or much more, sport excellence. My philosophy is to present the problems in a new way and define priorities in order to break the deadlock.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for any enquiries by my “Contact” page, I will reply as soon as possible.
In the aim to offer a high-level service, I coach only 10 athletes at a time.
I offer you the services of an “engineer and professional triathlete” to give you the opportunity to make what is impossible possible.
It’s up to you!