My principal partner.

Go Plast and me:

They started to support me in 2008 when I decided to become professional. They are my most loyal sponsor ever.


Who is Go Plast?

They are manufacturer of PVC and aluminum carpentry. They are the specialist of customized carpentry. You can choose all types of carpentry. They are environment-friendly.
In fact, Go Plast optimizes the thermic performance of their products by their expertise, skills and experience.
Created in 1989, Go Plast can count on the professionalism of their 100 employees. They generated 19 M€ of global sales revenue in 2011.
Go Plast uses the 5S method, which is a resource for a regular improvement. Go Plast changed the name by “opening on the excellence”.
It’s about improving the work conditions, the security and the quality.
The introduction of the method is made in the commitment of the Directorate to join the environment-friendly company philosophy.


How Go Plast works?